Turn Your Love for Fitness into a Wildly Successful Career at E.C.A

The only Fitness Education Academy which teaches you all the things you WANT to know, not just the things you NEED to know!

For almost the first 40 years of its existence, the Health and Fitness Industry has failed people...

Dishing out basic entry-level education and training to people who genuinely wanted to make an impact on the world through Fitness... Making the barrier to entry too easy to pass and flooding the marketplace with people who had all the best intentions, but just weren't equipped with the skills and tools for the Job!

What was the result?

A 90% drop off rate in Personal Trainers and Coaches throughout that time.

But E.C.A have changed all that and reversed that percentage through:

Practical Application

Personal Training is a practical job, so how can we expect digital learning alone to cut it?

Answer: We can't! Trainers need real time practical experience on the gym floor before they jump in and start coaching people. At every single one of our academies, our students have to participate in at least one hundred hours of practical coaching time before they leave us. This ensures they get the right training to start their career with full confidence!


In business, culture is king! From day one each and every single student who comes to E.C.A becomes a product of the environment that has been created over the past seven years.

Our core values are; Education. Experience and Excellence.

Everything we do is set up to help our students better understand that - "How you do anything is how you do everything." By the time our students are ready to leave they will embody a culture of constant improvement.


Historically when people completed their Fitness Education they were sent off with a nice certificate and left to fend for themselves.

With no mentoring, coaching or support people quickly found the industry a challenge. Mistake after mistake after mistake left them feeling deflated and usually resulted in a lot of quality trainers becoming disillusioned and dropping out through sheer frustration.

At E.C.A we provide every student with the ongoing help they need to succeed, even after they leave us!

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Start your Fitness Career Today

The only Fitness Education Academy which teaches you all the things you WANT to know, not just the things you NEED to know!

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A Word From Us...

We're genuinely passionate about helping people like you get out of the rat race, make a bigger impact on the world, and generate the income you truly deserve. In fact, over the last 8 years we've helped hundreds of people get out of a career they hate, to go and grow a wildly successful fitness businesses.

They Include:

  • People who went from working in a factory for minimum wage, to having over one-hundred online clients within a year.

  • People who thought they were too old to start out, but went on to have a huge impact in their local community.

  • We've helped people who were on major salaries in the corporate world (but were truly unhappy) get out and away from the desk to create a better life for themselves in their gym.

  • We've helped people set up businesses in Thai land, Bali, Australia and Dubai, so that they could realise their dream of working from anywhere in the world.

Over the last ten years, witnessing countless successes (as well as a fair share of failures!) We've come to one conclusion…Being successful in a fitness business is about INVESTING IN YOUR EDUCATION

The biggest difference we see between the people who thrive in the Industry and those who barely survive, is that the leaders simply invest more time, energy and money into their education. PERIOD!

And that’s why E.C.A exists. To help you get the best possible start on your career in Fitness.

That's also why we've got such a track record of success.

We'll be holding your hand (and sometimes kicking your ass when necessary) every step of the way to ensure that failure in your Fitness business is absolutely NOT an option.

The sad fact is; the Fitness Industry graveyard is full of gifted coaches, Personal Trainers and Gym owners who had the best intentions to help thousands of people and make a big difference in the world.

But they never invested in their education in the beginning.

That's why we've deliberately designed this course to have a perfect balance between learning and doing. Meaning when you enrol today. You can be safe in the knowledge that you're guaranteed to apply what you learn in a practical environment!

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The Course Content

Over the duration of the course, not only will you learn the things you NEED to know, you'll also learn the things you WANT to know.

We've designed the course in a way that helps every learner, regardless of their starting point become a black belt in the basics but still keep a white belt mentality.

We dissect every part of the process and give it to you in a way that's easy to digest.

How to present yourself and develop your interpersonal skills so that you can stand out in a noisy marketplace.

How to program for success.

How to assess every client so that you can make informed decisions on the gym floor instead of guessing.

How to better understand behavioural change and the psychology of nutrition.

How to break down technique in a way that's understandable for anyone so that they can perform well, avoid injury and get results in the most effective way possible.

And how to structure your fitness business so that you don't get overwhelmed and that you can deliver a top-quality service!

This course goes way beyond a "Qualification"

We'll provide you with all of the skills and tools that you need to not only survive, but thrive in the Industry!

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Start Your Fitness Career Today

The only Fitness Education Academy which teaches you all the things you WANT to know, not just the things you NEED to know!

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